About us.

Glance Garda&More Glance Garda&More was founded in 2017, the synthesis of the professional journey of founder and publisher Sandra Paoli who, together with her all-female team of experts in destination marketing and communication, sensitively responds to the needs of her high-level audience by focusing on the quality and exclusivity of the content. A pioneer in opening up new dialogues and new visions of the regions it covers, Glance is the first publishing project that conceptually embraces Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Lombardy. Glance’s gaze rests on the three regions surrounding Lake Garda, up to the Dolomites, who were the Collection’s leading lights even before the official selection of Milan-Cortina for the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics

& more

“&More” encapsulates the curiosity to go further, it is the ability to look beyond the everyday and freely pursue the wonders that are also to be found in places other than where Glance begins its journey, it is the fascination of the story that stretches towards new and intriguing horizons. “&More” is also a range of marketing, event and communication projects in support of the world of hospitality and accommodation. Glance is where the narration of values flows via extraordinary images of light and elegance. Glance is a fairytale, Glance is a dream. Glance is a sophisticated source of inspirationand an enchanted place from where to look forward to your next trip, a treasure chest on paper containing unique experiences that will create a virtuous bond between reader and region, a precious bond that makes each experience surprising, turning it into a cornucopia of awareness, personal enrichment and tales to be retold.


A multilingual edition every year
in an elegant paper
collection version


Glance is a fairytale, Glance is a magical place
from where you can look forward
to your next journey


Luxury means attention, time, availability. Luxury means enthusing guests and making them feel special. Luxury means inspiring you through our pages


The success of a business comes from the passion of the people who work there, a team of professionals dedicated to every detail

The high value of paper

Leafing through the pages of Glance Garda&More is to enjoy a multi-sensory experience of a territory of undisputed excellence and quality, all just waiting to be discovered. A new edition of Glance Garda&More appears every year: an elegant paper collection that can be browsed or placed in the home as a true design object, giving any room a touch of elegance and charm. Our strong belief in the printed form means demonstrating an unmistakable style of communication, offering a unique perspective and showing the courage to go against the grain. The distinctive feature and added value of each Collection is the fact that it can be held in your hands, each detail sustaining its care, elegance and charm over time.




I have been working for more than 30 years with enthusiasm, passion but above all empathy in the sector that, for me, is the best in the world: tourism. This is why I regard myself as privileged, why I feel a strong sense of independence and why I have learnt to reap countless satisfactions and pleasures from the results achieved each day, whether large or small. And, precisely because I consider myself to be lucky, I continue to learn and keep an open mind. Since 2017 I have been the editor of Glance, an international magazine addressed to a sophisticated tourist market.I am the technical director of a DMC and a the President of the Italian Federation of Travel and Tourist Agency Associations for Trentino Alto Adige; a trainer in tourism matters; a teacher and a consultant in tourism management in schools of Higher Education; and a marketing and communications consultant. The phrase that best reflects me, “Communicating is an attitude”, also reflects on Glance and all those who make it possible. As a woman, a wife and a mother I am always looking for new challenges that will stimulate me both as a person and a professional. Creativity and passion have been guidelines throughout my career, combined with energy and dynamism in seizing upon changes as opportunities for growth and development. I am contagiously positive and proactive in manner. Those who know me appreciate my spontaneity and professional generosity. This too is my approach to communication and marketing: realizing the wishes of those who put their trust in me, always however in keeping with my values. I believe that the real beauty of this work lies in the human relationships involved. I like to connect people and their personal talents and technical skills, as well as to create opportunities wherever possible, as I believe you will not achieve anything alone. I love beautiful things that excite me and will leave their mark on my soul, but always with style.

Maria Teresa Manuelli

As a professional journalist specializing in economics. I write for national on line and off line publications. Since 2014 I have been holding ethical refresher courses to fellow journalists under a continuing education program.

Anna Tita Gallo

am a freelance journalist, content creator and pod-caster; a consultant for communication and digital strategies; and an ecologist. I believe in the power of smiles and storytelling. I tell stories of sustainability, of the green economy, tourism, people and passions.

Trusted partners

We make use of professionals, businesses and agencies that we consider to be part of our team: not just as service providers, but as people who have fully understood our spirit, who share our enthusiasm and our continuous search for excellence. They are all a part of our journey and, with their skill and patience, they help to make our ideas reality.