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“&More” encapsulates our curiosity to go further, it is the ability to look beyond the everyday and freely pursue the wonders that are also to be found in places other than where Glance begins its journey, it is the fascination of a story that stretches towards new and intriguing horizons, it is the story of new experiences beyond that magnificent patch of land that embraces Lake Garda, between Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige, up as far as the Dolomites.
“&More” is also a range of marketing, event and communication projects in support of the world of hospitality and accommodation, tailored to the requirements of our interlocutors and partners.


Site inspection | Team building | Adventure tourism | Destination management

Glance takes you on a journey of discovery, creating exclusive experiences and taking you to unique places where you can fully sense our idea of “luxury”, marked by authenticity and deep immersion in the roots of the chosen destinations. Let our team accompany you on pathways of excellence, from small villages to historic producers, from exclusive resorts to gourmet restaurants. experiences that will permit you to experiment, appreciate and recount to others. The same excellence that you can dream of as you browse through our Collections.

One of the fundamentals of Glance’s mission is to raise the profile of the local area. To realise this aim we appear at the major trade fairs for the tourism-hotel sector around the world, as well as attending local events and meetings in our area that present and promote local excellence. And that’s not all: we also personally organise actions such as conferences; tours for journalists and travel bloggers; and meetings between professionals in the sector where they can share their experiences and sensations, thus triggering the magic that such memorable projects can generate.


Eventi & Meeting | Press tour | Fam trip | Corporate & Luxury Networking


Training and consulting | Storytelling | Social Network

Over the years, Glance’s in-depth knowledge of and love for the territory in which it has its roots has led us to offer our partners all-round marketing services, provided by professionals in the sector with a focus on destinations and tourism. While we all have the beauty of our favourite places before our eyes, we also know that good communication is the secret of making them even more special and a genuine magnet for visitors. We personally take care of the planning of ad hoc communication strategies and their long-term scheduling; we also plan consulting and training sessions in exclusive locations or directly on the premises of our partners.

Over the years, Glance has built up a wide-ranging network of professionals, not only in the tourism and hospitality sector, but also in the communication field: we will be pleased to put you in touch with these whenever you wish to create valuable content around your brand for distribution through your channels. Our “extended” team includes experts who will create texts– articles, interviews, editorials – for you, photographs and videos of the highest quality, podcasts and indeed any other content that can best help you tell your story.


Digital strategies | Copywriting | Photo/Videoshooting | Podcast

Ethics | Sustainability | Individual

Ethics and sustainability are the supreme values that guide all of our activities and lifestyles. We select partners and associates who, like us, embrace a new concept of luxury in which the further development of our regions through tourism goes hand in hand with their safeguarding and with a respect for local communities. The individual is always at the very centre of all our activities: The part of our work that we love the most is that of creating bonds, building bridges between people and cultivating human relationships. This is the only way forward. and is the trump card that has allowed us, issue after issue , to win the hearts of our readers and partners.