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Hosting, welcoming, guarding are immense values also recognized by the beauty of the place and by the taste, with origins and raw materials that remain a fixed point, but always with a look towards innovation.

  • Simon Palfrader© AudiItalia/Red
    Audi Audi and Cortina d'Ampezzo Sustainable sport and conscious mobility in the heart of the Dolomites In partnership with ENEL X, the Fondazione Cortina 2021 and the Italian Winter Sports Federation, Audi is aiming to upgrade and develop sustainable mobility in and around the city of Cortina d’Ampezzo so as to help protect humanity’s natural heritage. Cortina d’Ampezzo has thus become a laboratory for innovation and conscious mobility. At Fiames, 4 km from the centre of Cortina, is the only permanent driving experience in the Italian Alps dedicated to the Audi range’s concept of sustainable sports. The drivers and testers there offer visitors the chance to test drive mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full-electric Audi models on the snow/ice track that – depending on the snow conditions and temperature – has a length of between 1 and 1.7 km. Cortina and Audi thus affirm their partnership with a commitment to upgrading the region around the city, with the Audi e-tron now the official car of the municipality of Cortina. There are 13 recharging locations in the area, with 10 Audi public recharge points and three charging stations – one with fast charging – for use by locals and tourists alike.
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  • Clio Viaggi
    Clio Viaggi
    Wherever you go, you want, you will be Clio Viaggi is at your disposal to give you the best solutions to visit Milan We offer our proposals “tailor made” from culture to art, fashion, wine and food tours, sporting events and the Teatro alla Scala, tailor made holidays for groups and individuals, private tour assistance, events, transportation and shuttle services. Wide availability of rooms in hotels in Milan and surrounding area, packages with one or more nights, cultural tours , emotion and fun in unique and significant experiences. Our mission is answering the growing demand for quality free time, our objective is to promote Milan, Lombardy and Italy. © Clio Viaggi  
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  • © Eataly
    Eataly The best of artisanal productions at affordable prices Eataly is about eating Italian food, living the Italian way.  The brand EATALY is the combination of two English words: EAT and ITALY. Eataly is about eating Italian food, but not it’s not just about Italian food. That "Italian" way of indulging at the table is the result of the extent to which Italians enjoy excellent Mediterranean cuisine combined with Italy’s food and wine culture and history, the easy reproduction of many dishes of poor origin, along with many positive influences that Italian cuisine has gained from abroad over history (for example, with tomatoes and corn coming from America). Eataly’s main goal is to demonstrate that high-quality products can be made available to everyone: easy to find and at affordable prices, but that’s not all. Eataly wants to communicate faces, production methods and stories of people and companies who make the best Italian high quality food and wine. © Eataly  
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    Trentino Top
    Welcome in Trentino Vacation between the Dolomites and Lake Garda Trentino Top is a network offering the best ideas for your vacation in Trentino. Thanks to the participation of more than 40 specially selected businesses from Trentino, we can offer the highest quality in all services. On TrentinoTop. it you will not only find the best ideas for vacations in the area, but also a complete network of the best products, producers, museums and various other destinations that offer the most renowned historical, cultural and gastronomical itineraries in Trentino.
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